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Electronic Instrument Associates has been serving and solving needs in the EMI / EMC community since 1971.  

We participate in all shows, local and International.  Here are some highlights from the IEEE EMC Symposium, March 2015  

This was a great show for the manufacturer's we represent!  The booths were filled most all the time, looking at all the NEW products that were announced. 


An attempt here is to list most of the highlights as well as provide you with links of the new products that had the attendees reviewing.  If you have any questions on any of this, just contact Frank at frank@electronicinstrument.com or call 1-630-924-1600.


AE Techron

AE Techron, a major sponsor of the Annual Tuesday night bowling / pizza event presented their very  popular EMC power amplifiers specific meeting Military, Aviation/Marine, Telcom Product standards.  In addition, they also talked to attendees that visited their booth on the soon to be announced 3110 SWG system.  If you have an interest in this call Frank Krozel at 630-924-1600!  AE Techron manufacturers rugged expandable Power Amplifiers from DC to 300kHz, as well as transformers for AIRBUS, DO-160 Section 16, 18 and 19, SAE J1113-2, etc.  Call Frank at 630-924-1600 for details


amplifiers by Vectawave

Vectawave, a major supplier to the OEM market for companies like Schaffner (now Teseq, etc)... was at the Symposium as a direct manufacturer this year.   Vectawave had their Director Of Engineering there, as well as Application Engineers. 
Vectwave amplifiers offer n
o fold-back or shutdown with high reflection Silicon push-pull MOSFET output stages with reduced harmonic content power “Class “A” Power Amplifiers.   All of their amplifiers offer three (3) year parts and labor warranty as well as “Lifetime Service Support.  Of course... Vectawave offers USA service. Call Frank at 630-924-1600 for details


EMSCAN was there, and presented a paper by Ruska Patten.  Ruska is their Director of R&D.  Copies of this paper will be available after the Symposium.  Please contact us for a copy of this paper.


ETS-Lindgren took the show with their newly announced EMFieldgenerator.  

Seen at the booth...       This “patented” technology is a cost effective approach to radiated immunity from 1-6GHz with a unique approach to the lossy coax from the power amp having to be on the outside of the chamber.    Using parallel antennas and self-contained power amplifiers.. fed by a bias-T... losses are minimized so the EMC engineer is not waisting power with a power amplifier outside of the chamber.  The path length is almost zero..  Folks waited in line to see this unique system addressing EN61000-4-3 to 6GHz.


ETS-Lindgren held their annual TILE USERS GROUP festivities.  It was standing room only with a 7AM start time.  No charge to their current and past and future TILE users to attend.   ETS-Lindgren updated everyone on the latest TILE software as well as fielded questions and proposed needs from the attendees.  Even manufacturers like Keysight attended this event.
Call Frank at 630-924-1600 for details


Keysight displayed their receivers with “much talked about” FFT option on the MXE, etc.  Many folks saw how their test time can be minimized by using FFT!  Starting March 26, see us for the MXE and other related Keysight products.  Call Frank at 630-924-1600 for details


Silent Solutions was there discussing their EMC on-customer-site classes as well as options to present at your location.  Lee Hill is very active in the Global University as well as the local Chicago Chapter IEEE EMC MiniSymposium as a past presenter. Call Frank at 630-924-1600 for details  


V Technical Textiles / Shieldex US was there displaying their Portable RF Shielded Enclosures (tents) as well as their RF Shielded pouches and cases.  They also manufacture Curtains and Custom Shielded Products.  Call us at 630-924-1600 for details on this new product line 


NoiseKen was there displaying their famous ESD guns as well as their EFT and Surge generators. We signed them on April 9, 2015


Some of the folks above will be at the Chicago Chapter IEEE EMC MiniSymposium on May 5.    Please contact us for additional information on this annual event.


And …. last but least... everyone talked about the 2016 International Symposium in Ottawa, Canada.. See you there!

If you have any questions on any of this.. just call me at 630-924-1600 or email me at frank@electronicinstrument.com    


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